Posted by:   Alison Brookes from United Kingdom   |   Posted on:   2016-07-22

Very late night and didn't get much sleep so was exhausted when woke up! After nice long hot shower (sorry but after almost 2 weeks without one it is noteworthy for the blog!!) and so so breakfast we went out for our last scout around Thamel. Picked up by Prem at 10:30 in a large car to fit all our luggage, and driven to airport. We were each given a nice scarf that is meant to be a good luck for safe onward travels. Smelled really nice of incense.

We said our farewells at the airport door, was quite emotional… Continue Reading  

Posted by:   KC Tan from Australia   |   Posted on:   2016-06-17
Sanga - Training village

We moved to Sanga, a training village 1 hour away from Kathmandu by car. It was another 30min walk up to the village where our host families lived. Ying and I were staying at different houses, but I was lucky to have my Nepali language teaher, Bimala, staying with me.

My host family's house was the highest one on the hill. It was a mud-brick home but kept very clean. The view from my bedroom window was just amazing. Mountains in the distance, with views of green rice terraces, sunset was just spectacular [Cheesy] Sunrise was hard… Continue Reading  

Posted by:   kwilkinson, USA   |   Posted on:   2016-06-17

Some things you learn in travel. Little lessons along the way that keep you safe. I learned one valuable lesson in Pokhara on our last night there. "Don't pee onthe boot of a soldier with a loaded gun!" Good advice.

We had rowed across the beautiful lake called Fewa (pronounced Feva) late in the afternoon after our trip down from the high mountains. We enjoyed snacks and hot drinks at a restaurant overlooking the lake. It was near sunset by the time we started back across the lake in our rowboat. It was completely dark when… Continue Reading